Jehanne in 2017

06 Jan 2018

Another year is gone with Jehanne.

Here is a little report of what has been done (in no particular order):

Some of these changes are more heretic than others, but all are designed to make the system simpler and more useful at the same time.

The generalization of awake allows the implementation in userspace of a wide range of features usually found in unix kernels.
For example, LibPOSIX can use it to provide non blocking I/O and to implement sigtimedwait.

The removal of swap and mount(MCACHE) simplifies the kernel and increases security.

MirBSD Korn Shell

Despite the various tests I wrote for newlib, I wanted a real world application to check the quality of LibPOSIX.

I choose mksh for two reasons:

  1. it’s simple and powerful
  2. it’s developed by a great hacker that actively helped me even to understand the weird semantics I had to implement

Thanks Thorsten!

If you want to give it a try, run in rio: vt sys/posixly mksh -l.

(to get rio on boot: cp /arch/rc/lib/startup/terminal /cfg/startup)

New year’s resolutions for 2018

Funny ones:


Under evaluation:

Boring task:

Real promises:

Who guess what will be actually done?